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Accueil Acheter CamRanger Rotule  Aide et Info Tests Contact

“I love it. And I’ve been waiting for it for, well, about 35 years.”

- George Lepp (Outdoor Photographer)

- Clay Cook

“This really is the first hardware/software wireless shooting solution that meets ‘Pro’ demands”

- Dakeyne Photography

“CamRanger: The best thing to happen to shooting tethered since… ever”

- FStoppers

“The best, new innovative product we’ve seen!”


“As far as I am concerned, this is what the iPad was created for. ”

- Jim DiVitale

“Tethered shooting was already a revolutionary aspect to photography, but shooting with a CamRanger… Genius!”

- Yolande Snyders

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Dale Simmons CamRanger Review

I run with 5 different Canon bodies and I can’t say enough about how many problems the CamRanger has solved for me. As a amateur videographer it was always tricky keeping focus at the end of my 14 foot crane but with the CamRanger I have complete control saving me so much time and money. The focus stacking is top notch as well. For the price you can’t go wrong. 

- Wade Pringle

You hit this one out of the park. Nearly zero config time, a solid connection, decent speed, and an app that doesn’t leave out any of the functions we might want to control wirelessly. I’ll eventually read the manual, but really – it doesn’t seem like required material. Well done! 

- Daniel Millstein Photography

Fantastic addition to the DSLR. Great app!! All the functions work really well with the camera. Amazing support from the developer.

- Della

This is a brilliantly designed device and software and is exactly what I have been waiting for! 

- Ann

Just thought I would let you know how amazing your product is. I recently used it in the studio for kids Christmas Pictures. I was able to hand an iPad to the parents as I took shots so they could instantly see what they were getting. The clients were so excited to be able to see what they were getting as I shot. I was able to increase sales to almost every client because of it! Pretty much made my money back on it in one day of shooting. Thank you so much!

- Mikee K

I used it for the first time on location. Wow! what can I say, It worked flawlessly. No camera lock-ups, no computer re-boots, no tethered cables to trip on. My iPad handled all images perfectly. It only took 30 seconds to get it up and running without any cumbersome network protocols to figure out. My assistant, who is not computer savvy, set up this part of my photo shoot while I was setting up lights. She never once asked me one question about getting it to see photos. All she said was, “You’re Ready!” I was floored. This has never happened before. In the past, I have been resigned to troubleshoot the laptop before I begin shooting. Not this time. You should have seen the face of the graphic designer. She couldn’t believe the flexibility of the images. She could easily rifle though the thumbnails and expand the ones needed to see what further art direction was needed. Publish my story. I’m sticking with it. Canon’s WFT products will not even come close to the ease, speed, and reliability of the CamRanger.

- Marc Carver

“I foresee it becoming one of those 'essential' accessories in every photographers bag.”